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Changing the world?
Transforming your organization?

Seeking a higher probability of success
within your business strategies while
preventing unneeded pain, cost and risk?

We're your brightest idea.
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The premier, one-of-a kind, cornerstone suite for Super Vision™ throughout your organization and the lives within. This robust toolset has been developed for supervisors, workers and leaders who desire to create, sustain and remain informed of the quality present within their work relationships.

One of its components,
the monthly QR Snapshot™, is a practical alternative to many of today's perils within workplaces, including the problematic "performance review." rpPaQ is a uniquely effective, simple and continuous approach to work relationship illumination, maintenance and remedies. It also provides comprehensive, actionable analytics and impartial support for all parties. Learn more

Say you want a revolution?

Check out the ultimate power tool for better work role performance, magnetic recruiting, precision selection and exceptional talent stewardship …


… engineering work for better realities

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Work Role Yields Management™ is comprised of advanced principles and tools for those organizations seeking the ultimate arsenal for competitive and financially rewarding workforce strategies. This proprietary, patented body of knowledge encompasses work role and organizational design, strategic recruiting, innovation harvesting, change leadership and other aspects of advanced talent stewardship.
We're workforce engineers facilitating greater yields from more enthusiastic workers …by design. We couple organizational strategies to all work roles, and the minds within, upon a foundation of strong relationships with workers.

We avoid superficial "talent management" initiatives. We don't embrace "human capital" fads, '"engagement" ramblings or "workforce 'strategy'" boondoggles.

We believe better answers reside in effective talent stewardship that utilizes applied sciences, innovation, continuous improvement and knowledge management We believe talented people possess far greater business potential (and risk) than to be only considered or managed as human "resources."

We believe designing, forming and maintaining a high quality work relationship with each worker in every work role is the best path to strategic productivity (whether within a 5 person start-up or across
Fortune 500 enterprise).

We believe the best workplace outcomes are derived from
optimally designed, strategically coherent work roles. These crucial designs encompass bilateral performance accountabilities, deployed in a manner that effectively informs and empowers both parties. By applying monthly illumination of work's "vital signs" each party's' attention is directed toward harvesting peak business yields from high quality work relationships. (This innovative, patented "Accountability Feedback Loop™" for ongoing communication with talent displaces the need for dreaded, ineffective, obsolete "performance reviews" and "engagement surveys.")

In sum: we uniquely outfit leadership, supervision, workers and recruiters with the principles, ways, means, tools and support to achieve
better work in better lives.

How do we do this? By applying a comprehensive, patented methodology known as
Work Role Yields Managemen(WRYM®). This includes an arsenal of robust, universal enterprise applications such as RoleDesigner™ and rpPaQ™ to equip and support organizations of all sizes and industries for their best futures. Consulting and training are available as well.

Your mission, vision and strategy's

reliance upon excellent relations

with crucial talent is too important for anything less

… or perhaps, anything more.

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An introductory book describing more
about what we believe

Contact us:


phone: 865 546 4990

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